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We are two Catteries that breed Burmese cats and are based in the Brisbane city area in Queensland Australia.

Chattan Cattery is the home of Jan's lovely Burmese cats. Jan is an International Judge for Groups 2-3 and 4. Jan has been breeding and showing Burmese cats with great success for 30 years. Her cats have been exported to the UK - USA - Italy - Hungary - New Zealand - Noumea, Hong Kong and all over Australia.

Jan is particularly interested in colour genetics and has had several articles published on this subject.

Location:     WINDSOR

                  Brisbane, QLD

Phone:         07 3857 2743

Mobile:     0468 948 251

Hours:      By appointment

Fayrpaw Cattery is the home of Luella's beautiful Burmese cats. The cattery is built on an intimate scale where all the cats have their own homes and have access to an outdoor area where they enjoy cat grass and the sunshine. Her cats are well known for their loving temperments.

Location:    THE GAP

                  Brisbane, Qld 4061

Phone:        07 330​0 0362

Mobile:   0435 549 413

Hours:       By appointment

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